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Explore a new world

or revisit an old one

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Share your immersive experience

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Convert any phone

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Finally Your VR/AR Enriched Daily Life Is Here

Easy Creation

Easily generate VR content through TaaCam cheap portable VR without needing heavy, expensive cameras. You take VR video and image instantly with one or two clicks.

Instant Viewing

Using TaaCam VR player iPhone app to experience and share VR image video messages anywhere and anytime without the burden of a bulky heavy headset on your head.

New Lifestyle

Now using your mobile VR device, you can visit anywhere in the universe at any time without physically being there. A new lifestyle began.

Introducing TaaCam VR/AR (patent pending)







Affordable VR Camera

A TaaCam VR camera module can be easily attached to or detached from the phone case. It turns your phone into an affordable VR camera. It converts the phone to VR.

The VR camera lets you easily capture immersive image and video in high quality 4K-8K resolution with one or two clicks. You can share them with friends in the social networks.

The patent-pending single lens to full VR and 4D light field technology will help you generate immersive 2D/3D/4D media data and augmented reality games.

Compact VR/AR Headset

The TaaCam VR viewer is the world’s most compact VR/AR headset that can be comfortably worn on your head as well as held in your hands.

It acts as a slim (as thin as 6 mm) protective phone case when it is folded, and can be opened up as an immersive virtual reality display.

Your favorite smartphone is instantly converted into a fully functional virtual reality device. For the first time, VR/AR is with you anytime and anywhere.

When to Use TaaCam VR/AR

VR Messaging

Equipped with TaaCam VR, you can now send and receive instant VR messages with friends. VR messages convey an additional dimension of your life.

VR Entertainment

TaaCam VR/AR makes it possible for everyone to instantly enjoy sport and music events, as well as VR movies and games in an immersive way.

VR Travel

TaaCam VR can help you preview your travel plan and bring back your most valuable moments. In your journey to buy a new house, TaaCam VR can let you preview open houses and save you trips to those you aren’t interested in buying.

VR Training

TaaCam VR and AR product will help business users to make knowledge, skill, and operational training easy and fun.

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A – Lens cloth         B – TaaCam VR       C – Packaging box       D – User manual       E – Accessory case         F – Headset detachable strap

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)   :     USD $139.00  + tax                       Pre-Order Super Early-Bird Price*   :     USD $69.00  +  tax

Currently, TaaCam VR SKU only supports iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. We will support all other phones including Android phones in the future.

The product will be shipped within about 4 months after your order. Please watch your email closely for the shipment notification, as well as subscribe to our email newsletter and follow our social media for updates. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. You can ask for a return and refund at any time before or 30 days after you receive the product. Simply email a request to support@taacam.com. Thank you for your order and support. * The super early bird price ends by October 2018.






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